Create A Private Video Bean

Private Beans are linked to your SlipperyBean page. You can create as many Private Beans as you want. Each video bean can contain 1 mp4 video.

Once you upload a Bean, we will add it to your page, so make sure you get your page address correct.

To create a Photo Bean, click here..

Please complete this form fully and add all the pictures you want to be in the Bean.

Don’t forget to ADD YOUR VIDEO or the bean will not be created.






    Once your file has uploaded, above, click the Create Video Bean button ONCE only and wait for a success message below. It may look like nothing is happening but the upload will happen in the background.



    It should take no longer than 5-10 minutes to upload your video, depending on your internet speed.

    Transferring video is hard, sometimes because of the file type or device you are on, it just will not work. If you have a problem like this, do not despair, just use to send your vide, and let us know the rest of the details.. We will then make your bean manually.